Roller Blinds

We pride ourselves in having the largest assortment of Roller Blinds in Penrith, Australia. A Roller Blind is a rolled fabric around an aluminium tube that can be raised by a chain or motor. These blinds are available in Block-out, Light Filtering or Sunscreen fabrics. Roller Blinds with different fabrics can be used as double Roller Blinds that can give you the options of having 2 different fabrics on the window. A good example is Screen fabric and Block-out. When you need daytime and evening privacy, double Roller Blinds are ideal for your windows. They are also great for added insulation in Summer & Winter. They come in a range of fabrics including translucent fabrics for filtering lights and Blackout fabrics for darkening the rooms. These are economical blinds to save your bank. They are safe for kids since they have a cord tensioning device. If you are looking to get Roller Blinds, Penrith & surrounding localsĀ do not hesitate to contact Golden Blinds today on (02) 4701 9327 or email any enquiries to [email protected]